Career Redundancy Coaching


  • Career Development – how do I move forward?   
  • Career Uncertainty – am I in the right job, organisation or trade?
  • Career Doldrums – work has lost its challenge and I feel stuck,
  • Career Balance – help, my job has taken over my life!
  • Redundancy Support – refocus personally and professionally. 

If any of the above are your experience coaching provides positive and proactive breakthroughs.

Career Planning requires developing awareness in two key areas as todays workforce has moved from the tradition of job security to transferable abilities and marketing ones self for work.

 1] Awareness of  21st century job trends in Australia i.e. ; Education, Healthcare & Medical, Information & Communication Tech. , Construction,  Design & Architecture [Seek ]

2] Self Awareness through; a] Reassessing talents, strengths, values and vision, b] Refocusing for opportunities aligned with identified talents, values, vision and job growth trends.

 “The key for tomorrow’s employee is being innovative, not thinking in terms of a ‘career-for-life’ but pursuing a broad range of easily adaptable skills,,,,being nimble is key” [McCrindle].

Whether its redundancy support, career development, uncertainty, doldrums or change Merilyn provides confidential, independent professional coaching enabling you to successfully navigate the changing work landscape through workshops such as “What’s Next or one on one coaching.



‘WHAT’s NEXT?’ Creating Your Work Life Portfolio

Workshop or Coaching Program

Refocus personally and professionally by exploring:

  •  Who Am I? Strengths, roles values identified,
  •   Identify the elements in your current life season,
  •   Tomorrows work / life vision and plan for attainment.

Outcomes can vary from studying for a new career, re-engagement with current role, balancing business, community and family desires with income and stimulation needs. Suitable for a variety of age groups and situations.

COACHING – Phone / Skype or face to face

Individual: suitable for those experiencing career, redundancy, workforce re-entry or retirement uncertainty. Tailored independent one on one conversations respond to individual needs and situation, equipping clients to move forward with confidence.

Career Refocus: If your feeling stale, uncertain and or drifting without direction, a one session Career Refocus  provides a ten point framework for discussion to provide clarity and refocus.    “Thanks for all your super advice, it really helped to pull out what interests me” [Kathy].

Coaching Preparation To maximise your coaching session discussion,  participants are asked to provide a copy of their CV/ Resume – 24 hours in advance, thus enabling Merilyn to have an understanding of your background, in addition you will also be asked to consider two ‘ thought starter’ questions.


Career Development, Redundancy/Outplacement, Retirement

Cost effective, creative and tailored programs to assist individuals or groups.

  • Career Development – one on one or in-house programs and strategies to attract, retain and develop talent,
  • Redundancy / Outplacement – supporting and equipping leaving staff with job search and other skills,
  • Retirement – ‘when is the right time, what will I do with myself’ – transition and planning support.