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Midlife Design’s expertise enables you to redesign your life’s key elements: career, relationships/family and lifestyle in a way that offers a fulfilling future focus through;

Reassessing your talent, strengths, values and vision. Years of being focused on a particular job or role for example, can mean that transferable abilities are blurred,

Refocusing for opportunities that are aligned with your identified talents,  values and vision. Outcomes can vary from a new career, own business, community and family involvements to creating a combination that balances stimulation and income needs.


 “TAKE CHARGE OF TOMORROW – beyond Midlife”

Our signature program Take Charge of Tomorrow  enables you to re-align your life’s key elements: career, relationships and lifestyle through identifying options and empowerment change strategies that sustain, excite and enrich by exploring:

  • Where I am now – Today
  • Where I want to be – Tomorrow’s Vision
  • How to get there – Targeting Tomorrow

The first half of life are busy years of establishing a career, mortgage and family. In midlife we experience a greater freedom from these establishment demands, while there can also be a sense of dissatisfaction and uncertainty about the future. As we are living twenty to thirty years longer there are choices and possibilities beyond the traditional concept of retirement to be explored. The “Take Charge of Tomorrow” program and manual enables participants to explore and plan their midlife and beyond work and life transition. Suitable for  individuals, couples and or organisational groups, as a coaching or group workshop program. As an individual or couple program “Take Charge of Tomorrow’ can be conducted face-to-face, by phone or interstate with Saturday morning appointments available. Price on application.   3269_Midlife_by_design_ebook_cover

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Manual, Tea / Coffee Provided


Suitable for job loss, career change or work force re-entry.

4 week online workshop for job seekers and those re-entering the workforce.

  • Convenient – in the comfort of your own home
  • Expert Assistance – Merilyn is a career, human resources professional
  • Supportive – opportunity to have your questions answered.

 Join us to invest in your work future with a facilitator who understands midlife and the changing workforce dynamics.

Job Search Course Content

Applying for a position in Midlife or after a workforce break can be daunting, our online workshop will;

  • highlight your strengths
  • target your communications
  • use Linkedin to advantage
  • network effectively
  • interview with confidence
  • explore alternative income sources.

Outcomes:  By increasing their confidence and targeting their skills and desires; - Peter on his 60th birthday gained a job as a bus driver, - Stella completed a government funded retail course to gain a much desired sales role, - Lucy found a fulfilling volunteer role that used her skills, - Sam after a career as a business analyst is retraining as a school teacher, - Andrew is using his experience to set up his own business consultancy.

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Conducted over four Wednesday evenings  7pm-8pm EST   

Should you not be able to join us on a Wednesday evening or wish to replay the course again [time limit applies] these sessions are recorded. Registration will enable you to gain access to the sessions at a time more suitable for yourself. Notes will be provided online. Course access details provided on registration.

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Coach & Facilitator: Merilyn Hill – Midlife Design

Merilyn has extensive career, speaking, training, human resources and coaching experience in corporate and not for profit organisations. She has a Graduate Diploma in Career Development, is a member of the Career Development Association Australia and has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


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