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Pre retirement or entering midlife are key times to re-evaluate personal, work and lifestyle strategies and goals. Midlife Design’s expertise enables you to redesign your life’s key elements: career, relationships/family and lifestyle in a way that offers possibility, new beginnings and a fulfilling future focus through;

Reassessing your talent, strengths, values and vision. Years of being focused on a particular job or role for example, can mean that transferable abilities are blurred,

Refocusing for opportunities that are aligned with your identified talents, values and vision. Outcomes can vary from a new career, own business, community and family involvements to creating a combination that balances stimulation and income needs.

The first half of life are busy years of establishing career, mortgage and family. These roles also contribute to our self identity and provide a framework for measuring success.

In midlife as we enter into pre retirement planning there is a greater freedom from these establishment demands, while there can also be a sense of dissatisfaction and uncertainty about the future. Living longer brings choices and possibilities beyond the traditional concept of retirement to be explored.

Midlife Design facilitates growth and change for people dealing with midlife and pre retirement life work choices, however financial planning advice is not provided.


Our signature program Take Charge of Tomorrow  enables you to re-align your life’s key elements: career, relationships and lifestyle through identifying options and empowerment change strategies that sustain, excite and enrich by exploring:

  • Where I am now – Today
  • Where I want to be – Tomorrow’s Vision
  • How to get there – Targeting Tomorrow

The program assists participants to better understand their career life interests, skills, values and personal preferences; explore new opportunities, options, clarify objectives and next transition steps. Suitable for  individuals, couples and or organisational interest groups, as a coaching or  workshop program.     3269_Midlife_by_design_ebook_cover


Don’t go it alone is core advice for anyone going through transition. “Midlife transition” is a natural stage that happens to many of us at some point [usually at about age 40, give or take 20 years]” {Psychology Today}.

Support, structure and proactive proven strategies necessary for success are found in our ‘Take Charge of Tomorrow’ coaching package which is customised for each participant or group. Divided into three, one hour sessions i.e. 1] Where I am now 2] Where I want to be 3] How to get there. The program identifies career, relationships and lifestyle impacts. As  a self paced program it can be conducted at a mutually agreeable intervals e.g. weekly, monthly within three months. The package includes on-going emails between session and can be conducted in-person or online [using Skype, e-mail and or telephone].

The coaching program cost is $250.00 which includes three one on one sessions and the manual.

Please email : to discuss your date and time availability preference.


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Highlighting integrated retirement lifestyle planning;

  • how to make it all work together – work, finance, relationships and lifestyle,
  • three trading resources for a fulfilling future,
  • transition hurdles, overcomers and trends to create your tomorrow.


Explores six core issues with overcoming strategies that women face at Midlife and Beyond e.g Care-giving, Money/Superannuation, Couples Retirment Tensions etc.


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