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Retirement or Lifestyle Challenges?

  • midlife change uncertainty
  • pre / post retirement balance and direction
  • redundancy / outplacement support
  • lifestyle change

Planning or entering into retirement or lifestyle change is a time of possibility, but it can also be an uncertain and daunting period with work and relationship roles changing and the road ahead yet to be mapped out.

 Midlife Design does not provide financial advise, rather our professional expertise assists those asking;

  • what is my role beyond work and home activities that previously provided structure and meaning?
  • I need to identify what is my legacy / purpose  / direction for this new life chapter ?
  • how do I make my desires or ideas a reality and when is the right time?

Midlife Design works with you to create a whole picture that inspires a fulfilling tomorrow.

Customized to your need, life stage and situation, program delivery strategies can include;  

  • downloadable e-workbook ‘Take Charge of Tomorrow’
  • phone based  and / or in person coaching -specific to your need
  • workshops e.g. ‘What’s Next’
  • speaking e.g. ‘Navigating Tomorrow’
  • corporate consulting. 

Enriching transition strategies for your next life chapter.

  “The best way to predict the future is to create it” [Drucker]



Download the document: Job Seeking Campaign


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