Personal, Work and Lifestyle Strategies in the areas of;


  •  Pre Retirement Planning

  •  Redundancy / Outplacement Support

  •  Career Life Transition

  •  Early Career or Midlife Change

For those asking? Who am I, What’s Next, How will I fill my days, What is my legacy / purpose in this next life chapter?

Perhaps you already have several desires or ideas, Midlife Design works with you to create a whole picture that inspires you to embrace tomorrow. 

Midlife Design provides professionally expertise and experience for people dealing with work and life uncertainty through;

 Coaching – Speaking – Consulting – Workshops


Customized to your need, life stage and situation, program delivery strategies can include;  downloadable e-workbook, phone based  and / or in person coaching and consulting. 

  “The best way to predict the future is to create it” [Drucker]



Download the document: Job Seeking Campaign


Midlife Career Change, Why is it daunting?

In midlife it is not uncommon to experience a sense of uncertainty and dissatisfaction leading to a re-evaluation of work and life goals. Work that was once challenging and interesting is no longer stretching our abilities; in fact it has become too routine. Plus there is often a weariness regarding the latest round of organisational […]


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